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PROGRESS #dannysorogon
Ready to pour first floor concrete slab #dannysorogon
Ground breaking ceremony ! #dannysorogon
Out with the old.... Almost there...
Another one bites the dust
Client's pups hanging in their future kitchen #dannysorogon
Pilings process 🚩#dannysorogon
Humbled by what the force of just one solitary machine can accomplish in a short 2 days
Demolition #dannysorogon
Discussing progress  #dannysorogon
Working on perfecting that R A W exposed concrete look and feel #dannysorogon
Time lapse/security cameras going up
S L A B  #dannysorogon
Analyzing and inspecting  metal framing partition detail at private residence in Golden Beach, FL
exposed concrete #dannysorogon
Great way to start the week! Presenting this new modern concept to our client today
Inspecting what might be one of the largest and strongest floating beams our team has created
Great way to start the week! Pile  driving day on new custom construction project in Eastern Shores
R O O F  #dannysorogon
Always representing and protecting our clients best interests
Popping in skylights today
⬆PILING UP⬆ #dannysorogon
Pouring  concrete today ⤴  #dannysorogon
Pleasantly surprised onsite today, analyzing efficiency of new wirelath shell construction system
On site Sundays 🏠 #dannysorogon
FUN STARTS NOW   #dannysorogon
Creating space
P R O C E S S #dannysorogon
Mirror Image Mondays
Anxious to strip the wood off of this  accent concrete floating staircase feature wall
We out here!  #dannysorogon
Priceless #sunset
Architecture and Construction
Nice day to pour second floor
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