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For the past 30 years, Danny Sorogon has developed unparalleled expertise in the design and construction process of the finest high-end luxury homes throughout the highly cherished and desirable South Florida region. Working with distinguished clients from all around the world, Danny Sorogon has successfully completed a broad spectrum of projects varying in styles, complexities, sizes and budgets. As a state-licensed and registered Architect and General Contractor, his full-service boutique firm (made up of two entities, FCCS Inc and FAS) strives to create an intimate and long term relationship-oriented environment where he can deliver personalized services to each client in a convenient bundle:


  • Creation of unique and customized architectural designs to fit the personal needs and tastes of each individual client.

  • Materializing the clients’ design visions to reality by leading the construction management process once the creative concepts are solidified.


Danny Sorogon encourages every client to be as involved as they desire throughout the course of entire design and construction process. His eclectic portfolio of artistic and luxurious projects will give every potential client the confidence that  any home they dream of can be constructed. Danny Sorogon will oversee, manage, and ensure that no detail is left unexamined and that your luxury home is built as rapidly and cost-effectively as possible.


Danny Sorogon attended the University of Miami and graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture in 1981. Soon after, he obtained his General Contractor license in 1985.  
















With over 30 years of construction experience, Danny Sorogon’s boutique construction firm, Florida Contracting and Construction Services Inc. (FCCS Inc.) is acknowledged as a leader in Miami’s premiere luxury homebuilders industry. Danny Sorogon’s outstanding dedication to his clients’ happiness, excellent service, meticulous attention to detail, and generous experience levels elevate him and his team above the competition.


Every project commences in the pre-construction phase where a detailed and granular control estimating budget for the projected scope of work is provided. By attaining and organizing various bids from our archive of highly skilled subcontractors, final numbers begin to materialize. Daniel Sorogon diligently strives to negotiate the most cost effective prices with the subcontractors he holds long standing relationships with, always protecting the clients’ interests.


From concept to completion, Danny Sorogon will serve as each clients’ trusted advisor until his over arching goals are met: Project to be completed expeditiously, within strict budgets, and with the very highest level of quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.







Florida Contracting & Construction Services Inc.

Florida Architectural Services 



Inspired by his travels around the world, Danny Sorogon has had the opportunity to design and build homes of various styles over the years. His architectural palette includes various homes that reflect Modern, Italian/Mediterranean, Spanish, Spanish Colonial, Moroccan, Classical/Neoclassical, Art Deco, Contemporary and Polynesian styles, influences, and nuances.



Danny Sorogon works with each client in a one-on-one setting so he can successfully customize every aspect of the home to the clients’ needs and wants. Inspirations boards, sketches, drawings, revisions, and real-life renderings, are all helpful elements in the vision mapping process that will be provided every step of the way until final completion.



“I offer my clients personal service and relentless attention to quality and detail. I strive to be honest, hard-working, patient and professional. I dedicate all my love and passion towards the creation of every project that I am involved with. My goal is to please my clients and, above all else, to protect their interests. I look forward to designing and building your dream house."


- Danny Sorogon 





















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