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Ground breaking ceremony ! #dannysorogon
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Dear Danny,                                                                                                                                                                                                     June 23, 2015


It has been a pleasure knowing you and becoming friends with you for over 25 years.  You built my parents first home and have designed and built our first home as well.  I know that we have thanked you over a hundred times but Jennifer and I wanted to tell you on paper how grateful we are for helping us build a spectacular home.


Danny you have made the difficult journey of building a home an enjoyable experience.  Your knowledge, dedication and hard work helped ease the process.  Most importantly your communication and calm demeanor keeps your customers engaged and interested in learning from you.


Jennifer and I are most excited on starting our next project with you.  The design of our new home at 570 N. Island is even bigger and more fitting for our family.  We know it will be a long journey to complete it but we are all looking forward to sharing it with you.


I hope that when my children are old enough to design and build their homes you will still be practicing the art of designing and building homes.


Your dear friends,

Lior and Jennifer Ben-Shmuel







                                                                                                                                                                                                                            March 2015


I am honored to be able to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Daniel Sorogon, who serves as my owner representative. There is no one I can trust more than Danny. Besides being an accomplished builder, architect and owner rep, he is very protective of his clients and looks out for their best interests. He is very creative and has come up with ideas that I have incorporated into my vision of the project. He is not just a yes man either.  He makes sure to include his input, which helps lead me to the best decision regarding the project. Danny has shown a strong level of integrity and sincere willingness to do his best to provide quality service. Without a doubt, the project would not be the way it is without him.


Thank you, 

Mark B. Fisher 

MBF Clearing Corp, Founder/CEO






                                                                                                                                                                                                                            March 2015


Designing our house with Daniel was an easy and engaging experience.  His ability to interpret our ideas along with his creativity and extensive knowledge made the project come to  fruition not only without compromising all the needs we wanted but adding innovative and functional designs, surpassing our expectations.


His accessibility,  plus his very detailed and professional work, make his services  highly recommendable.


Morris Mendal 









Danny as you know when we were introduced to you we were somewhat skeptical in trusting someone we've never done business with to build our home. We had no prior relationship and wanted the job done in an expeditious fashion all while doing it completely custom. This was scary for us in that we had to put a significant amount of trust in something that we would become completely dependent on your expertise. I can share with you that after the project soon started you gave a sense of comfort that this was personal to you and you watched over our investment as if it were your own and you exceeded any expectation we could have ever had. You genuinely cared about us and the project and your word has proven to be your bond. I can't thank you enough on behalf of our family for doing such and excellent job and more importantly being able to call you a friend. I would gladly recommend you to anyone who wants a suburb builder that also cares!!!


Best of luck.

Your friend,

Michael Zager.

Michael Zager, Partner

Z Wealth Solutions








It was 2002. My wife and I had spent almost five years planning the build-out of our dream home in Golden Beach with three separate architects. We were convinced we had thought of everything. We took the plans to Danny Sorogon to get a bid on the build-out, and within fifteen minutes, we discovered how much more we could get from our home, without increasing the cost. It was immediately apparent to me that D anny wasn't just a builder --- in fact, he was also a very capable architect, but more importantly, he was a creative genius. I don't remember ever being more impressed at an initial meeting with anyone in my life. Being a very cautious person, I did something I rarely ever do --- I stood up and shook Danny's hand and told him he had the job. Little did I know, that decision would change my life in a profound way.

Over the next two years, we watched in awe as Danny built us a palace. He was all the things we were warned that contractors were not. He was totally dependable, totally reliable, and totally honest. Indeed, the vast majority of midstream changes he we requested were engineered by him to come to fruition without additional cost, and amazingly, he even told us that some of them would result in cost savings. We often compared notes with other people, who were going through the same process with other contractors, and ou r experience was completely unheard of. By contrast, most of them were living a nightmare.

The final result was astounding. My wife and I shed tears of joy when we finally moved into the finest home we had ever seen. It was a home fit for storybooks, but incredibly, it was our beautiful reality --- thanks to Danny Sorogon. I am completely convinced that without his building, engineering, architectural and creative skills, coupled with his total and complete honesty, we never could have afforded to build that home. We lived there in bliss until two of our children moved out to go to college, and then decided we needed to downsize. It was then that my life was changed forever. Danny's creation was so magnificent that it attracted the attention of a 20 billionaire. The price that our home commanded enabled us to afford a totally different lifestyle. We now live in a luxury penthouse, with a second home in the Aspen area, and it is unlikely that we will ever have to worry about financial matters for the rest of our lives. I think it is safe to say that we owe all this to one Daniel Sorogon.

By the way, if you would like to see the final product for yourselves, our creation is still on the internet from the time we were marketing the property for sale. Go to "," click on "Search" and where you see "R.E. file #," type in 3853, then click "Submit Search." Double-click on the picture and then click "PlayVideo." ---- See for yourself.

If there is anyone who would like to spea k with me personally about Daniel Sorogon, I will be happy to do so.

Sincerely yours,
Gary A. Bodzin 



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